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2021 0901 Resident Community News Group: Riverfront Parks endorses duPont Fund’s conceptual Esplanade Plan
2021 0526 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Connected Lands+Waters (Renate Hixon)
2021 0521|The Florida Times-Union: Guest column: It’s time for the city to invest in Emerald Trail, riverfront  by Riverfront Parks Now Coalition
2021 0312 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Flower Show Series: Contemporary Designs (Presentation by Laura Haley)
2021 0217 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Learn how to become more Resilient
2021 0217 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Support Riverfront Parks Now by Denise Reagan
2021 0211 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Flower Show Series: Designing the Perfect Table (Presentation by Laura Haley)
2021 0105 Garden Club of America: Ashe’s Magnolia Redux (Revisiting the 2017 Freeman Plant of the Year)
2020 1213 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Riverfront Parks Now Late Bloomers Presentation (YouTube)
2020 1207 Riverfront Parks Now: Presenting “Riverfront Parks Now”
2020 1123 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Flowers for Your Thanksgiving Table (Presentation by Muffet Rhyne)
2020 1030 Resident Community News Group: New coalition advocates for public green space along river
2020 1021|The Florida Times-Union: Mark Woods: Parks on Jacksonville’s riverfront should be a forethought, not afterthought
2020 0821 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Transform Downtown’s Riverfront by Denise Reagan
2020 0731 Riverfront Parks Now for Jacksonville by Ennis Davis, AICP
2020 0731 The Jackson: Riverfront Parks Now for Jacksonville by Ennis Davis
2020 0728 JaxLookout: Riverfront Parks Now: Once in a Lifetime Opportunity by Robert Arleigh White
2020 0420 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Your 2020-2021 Board of Trustees
2020 0116 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Designer of Distinction: Laura Haley
2019 1231 Garden Club of Jacksonville: Laura Haley found her passion in floral design education
2019 1231 Garden Club of America: The 2019 GCA National Medalists Making Extraordinary Contributions (*Laura Haley)
2019 1022 Garden Club of America: A GCA Reconstruction Grant Helps to Reopen the Cummer Museum
2019 0603 Resident Community News Group: Root Ball a celebration of trees on Derby Day (Root Ball 2019 Photo Gallery)
2019 0523 Garden Club of America: 2019 NATIONAL GCA MEDALISTS ANNOUNCED! (*Laura Haley)
2019 0519 Garden Club of America: Laura Haley 2019 GCA Katharine Thomas Cary Medal Winner
2019 0418 WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross: Conviction Integrity Unit; Palatka’s Revitalization; Derby Evening
2019 0301 Resident Community News Group: Chairpersons named for annual Root Ball (Root Ball 2019)
2018 0419 Garden Club of America (Zone VIII Committee / Parks, Pines and Preservations): Lane Dawkins, 2018 GCA AWARD WINNER: ZONE COMMUNICATIONS AWARD
2018 0401 Resident Community News Group: Root Ball patrons wear the Green at Annual Fundraiser
2018 0320|The Florida Times-Union: Spotted: Root Ball 2018: Irish for a Day, Green all Year
2018 0318|The Florida Times-Union: Transforming Downtown: How creating more green space can be good for Jacksonville’s Downtown
2018 0317 Root Ball 2018: Irish For A Day, Green All Year
2018 0308 WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross: International Women’s Day; Logistics Conference; MasterChef Junior & Root Ball 2018
2018 0307|The Florida Times-Union: ARTS NOTES: Jacksonville Symphony will perform ‘Mozart and Friends’ (by Charlie Patton) *ROOT BALL SET FOR SATURDAY
2018 0306 Jacksonville Magazine: Five Fundraisers You Won’t Want To Miss in Jacksonville This March (Root Ball 2018)
2018 0303 Invasive Plant Control, Inc.: Weed Wrangle Jacksonville 2018
2018 0301 Resident Community News Group (R.O.A.M): Root Ball 2018 – Irish for a day, green all year (page 13)
2017 0317 Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN): Ashe Magnolia a winner thanks to Leslie Pierpont
2017 0301 Resident Community News Group: 10th Annual Root Ball goes ‘into the woods’ (Root Ball 2017)
2017 0301 Resident Community News Group: Plant of Year nominated by Late Bloomers Garden Club
2017 0127|The Florida Times-Union: Ron Littlepage: Jacksonville has an image – it’s our waterways
2017 0126 Garden Club of America: Native Ashe Magnolia Named 2017 Plant of the Year by the GCA
2016 0701 Resident Community News Group (ROAM edition): Avondale lawyer receives national GCA award (William D. Brinton recipient of GCA Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medal)
2016 0616 Jacksonville Daily Record: Downtown waterfront master plan from Late Bloomers Garden Club gets City Hall support
2016 0615 City of Jacksonville – A Proposal for Jacksonville’s Downtown Riverfront, Late Bloomers Garden Club
2016 0604|The Florida Times-Union: EVE winner Courtenay Wilson has led a lifetime of achievement (by Sandy Strickland)
2016 0524 Rogers Towers Attorneys At Law: William D. Brinton Receives National Medal from The Garden Club of America for Environmental Protection Efforts
2016 0505|The Florida Times-Union: River Life: Individually or together, you can help the St. Johns River (by A. Quinton White)
2016 0418|The Florida Times-Union:  Tracy Dot Com: Celebrate Earth Day at Landing, visit Nocatee for music *”A River Runs Through It” Flower Show, 2-5 p.m. Wednesday, Garden Club of Jacksonville. Free
2016 0412|The Florida Times-Union: Home and Garden calendar *”A River Runs Through It” juried flower show
2016 0412|The Florida Times-Union: Home and Garden calendar Events for April 16-22 (“A River Runs Through It” juried flower show)
2016 0405 Resident Community News Group: A River Runs Through It
2016 0316 Resident Community News Group: Late Bloomers get groovy for Greenscape (Root Ball 2016)
2016 0205 Resident Community News Group: Residents paint trees blue for art and awareness
2016 0114 Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce aka JaxChamber: INTERNATIONAL ARTIST PAINTING TREES BLUE IN HEMMING PARK
2015 0713 Duval Audubon Society: Climate Change and Resiliency Initiatives in Northeast Florida
2015 0327|The Florida Times-Union: Arts Notes: The Delores Barr Weaver Fund pledges a matching grant of up to $100,000 to the Ritz Chamber Players (by Charlie Patton) Cummer Museum gives out awards *Linda Alexander
2014 0324|The Florida Times-Union: One of Us: Leslie Pierpont working to prepare Late Bloomers for a Garden Club of America Flower Show (by Charlie Patton)
2014 0311|The Florida Times-Union: Hemming Plaza will get landscaping makeover in time for One Spark festival downtown (by David Bauerlein)
2014 0311 Resident Community News Group: Root Ball celebrates trees, a greener Jacksonville (Root Ball 2014)
2013 1104 Resident Community News Group: Billboard companies seeking ordinance to go digital
2013 0428|The Florida Times-Union: Members of a garden club want to help a downtown in disrepair (by Ron Littlepage)
2012 1108 Resident Community News Group: Garden club, Haskell to host talk from top nature photographer
2011 1203|The Florida Times-Union: Don’t take a step back in protecting environment (Ron Littlepage)

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